In case if you looking to apply for Australian Citizenship after 20 April 2017, following six changes would be applicable to you:

  1. You would be required to pass a stand-alone English test including reading, writing, listening and speaking
  2. You are required to live in Australia for 4 years as a permanent resident before you apply
  3. Citizenship test will assess your understanding and commitment to shared values and responsibilities
  4. You would need to demonstrate integration into and contribution to the Australian community which could be demonstrated through employment, membership of community organisation and school enrolment of all eligible children
  5. You are permitted to undertake citizenship test for only 3 times
  6. There is an automatic fail if you cheat in the citizenship test.


The biggest challenge, I think would be the requirement to pass English test especially for elderly clients or people who are not literate even in their own first language. They would have to take it as a challenge. Further information is awaited in relation to this as it is hard to contemplate that government would intend to exclude a permanent resident of long standing and good repute from citizenship simply because of the poor English skills.